How Does the Home Live?

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Turning the dream of building a home into reality can be a daunting challenge, with thousands of decisions along the way. Choosing a plan can be the most intimidating because it’s often difficult to visualize the finished home and how it will live. To make it easier, Design Basics has created a new way to present floor plans to help you narrow the search for a design that fits your personal lifestyle and needs.

Each floor plan is shown in a conventional layout and a color-coded version that highlights four different categories especially important to women: Entertaining(yellow), De-Stressing(blue), Storing(orange), and Flexible Living(green).


Yellow Areas encompass:


If you’re looking for ways to de-stress your life, you’ll appreciate homes with a lot of blue spaces. Some blue areas offer relaxation such as:

Others provide unusual organizational features such as:


If you never have enough storage, you’ll be drawn to homes with more orange areas that highlight:

Flexible Living

Green areas designate rooms that offer flexible living spaces that can adapt to unique situations:

Plans Highlight Four Important Categories That Show the Way You Live

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